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Our Chile Products

Our authentic New Mexico Red & Green Chile Products & Ingredients

Chile Products of New Mexico, based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, focuses on providing top quality New Mexico Chile ingredients and products to food processors and distributors throughout the United States. Since 1992, we have grown from our “Signature” item, Frozen Green Chile, to our full line of authentic New Mexico items. For all your chile ingredient procurement needs, please contact us today! We offer top-quality ingredients, such as...

  • Green Chile: Roasted then steamed, peeled and diced/Hot or Mild or Whole for Relleno
  • Green Chile: Heavy Roast/ Hot, Medium and Mild
  • Jalapeño: Diced or whole/roasted or Blanched
  • Tomatillo: Roasted or Blanched -Crushed or Diced
  • Red Chile Paste Sun Dried: Hot and Mild/Excellent for rich red chile sauce and economical
  • Pablano: Whole or Diced/ Whole for Relleno
  • Red and Green Chile Powder including Crushed(Caribe)
  • Roasted Pablano Puree
  • Hatch New Mexico Red Chile Pods: Hot and Mild

New Mexico Green Chile / Frozen Hot & Mild Varieties

Our green chile is grown in the Hatch and Mesilla valley of New Mexico and is hand-picked and then processed within 24 hours. For the last 30 years, our growers have worked directly with only our processor to insure that the quality and consistency is the same year after year. Green chile is used daily in all types of foods. You have never had a great hamburger until you have tried the famous New Mexico Green Chile cheeseburger, grilled to perfection and topped with the best green chile in the world. Plus, every national pizza chain in New Mexico uses green chile as an option for toppings. Green chile is not only used for New Mexican or Mexican-style foods, it can be incorporated into everything. Try Chile Products of New Mexico green chile and enrich your tastes!

Frozen New Mexico Green Chile is roasted, peeled, diced and blast frozen.

  • Food Service Package - Case packed in (5) 5lb packages in hot and mild which can be used by restaurants, food processors and other commercial businesses.

Frozen Chile Rellenos

Our Chile Rellenos are HANDMADE the traditional, New Mexico way with a light breading and stuffed with real white Monterey Jack cheese. Our rellenos are made with long green chiles that are roasted, peeled and then stuffed and breaded. We quick-fry and then freeze the rellenos. When preparing, they come out just as well baked as fried. Many restaurants and other commercial establishments fry the rellenos because it's more efficient for them. You must partially defrost them before cooking or the cheese will not melt properly. These rellenos can be featured as a main dish served with rice and beans or as a side for any breakfast, lunch or dinner entrée in place of potato or rice. A chile sauce can be served over them if desired. Our Chile Rellenos are absolutely delicious, enjoy!

  • Retail Wholesale Package - Master case 8/12 count, each individual sell unit has a label with all the requirements including upc codes and nutritional information. Cooking instructions and ideas for use are on the box label. They stack nicely in the case of any retail store. Individual rellenos weigh about 4oz.
  • Food Service Package - 36 rellenos come to a box. Each box has a label with cooking instructions, Each rellenos weigh about 4oz.

New Mexico Red Chile Pods

Our red chile is grown in the fertile regions of the Hatch and Mesilla valley of New Mexico and is harvested once a year from September to the first frost. Our red chile pods make an excellent traditional red sauce that is rich in flavor, available in either hot or mild varieties. This red chile sauce recipe is available on the back of the package. Each retail bag is labeled with all the necessary requirements for retail, including UPC's and product information.

  • Retail Package - 12/2lb bags, available in Hot and Mild varieties.
  • Food Service Package - 25lb Bulk Case, available in Hot and Mild varieties.